Company Profile
We are a unique group of companies headquartered in Cairo and we have many companies in Kenya, such as: Uni Mar Imp & Exp - Royal Beach - Kenya Egypt Trade - Matrix - United Tea We differ from other companies in terms of product and service.
We are a leading export of sugar (white and brown) from Egypt company and we have many customers, such as: - Punj London Limited - ED & F man UK - Kenya - countries of the world as we can provide the following high quality of Egyptian products and competitive prices:
• foodstuffs: (tea - rice - pasta - milk powder - tomato - sauce - cooking oil - juice .. ect.)
• building materials (cement - ceramic - marble - pipes .... etc.)
• Feed: Eat fish - animal feed (extracted from sugar beets), the most important markets by her company: (England - Tanzania - Togo - Kenya - Morocco)
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Chairman of Board of Directors
Mohamed Sayed Farid Fahmy
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